Martech Stack. Growth Marketing

SETUP your Martech Stack to build a customer journey,
RUN personalized campaigns and GROW your SaaS business in 2020


3 Steps to Growth

Setup Martech Stack

To get a unified view of your customer journey, and track full ROI of your marketing, you need an ecosystem of marketing tools to play together to evaluate campaigns to make more money and drive growth for your business.

Reducing your ….

  • Marketing spends by 2X,
  • Nurture them with highly personalised campaigns

Run Personalized Campaigns

Run highly targeted personalized campaigns within a customer journey that educate, inspire or entertain your audience. The goal of these campaigns is to help your customer find an answer to a dotting question or solve a problem.

Bringing in…

  • Better deal rates,
  • Smaller sales cycle and
  • Greater ROI,

Grow Automatically

Visual Growth Story of a company is defined by the revenue it generates at an increased profit percentage. Hence your growth story is nothing but your quarterly Sales Funnel with a pipeline visualization that shows revenue data in cohorts

And in turn…

  • Building a STRONG BRAND that is here to stay!

The Dreaded truth about why your marketing campaigns aren’t impactful

Your marketing teams have used seo, google ads, facebook ads & have created a whole lot of content over the years, but none of them really seem to be adding to the growth, instead the ROI is decreasing at a regular rate due to high advertising costs, making all your effort have less or no impact on your bottom line.    

PinkPowerCo’s goal is build a Martech ecosystem, that brings your customer data together in one central location so that you can improve the decisions you make, increase customer experience and ultimately your customer retention.

With all this data – running personalized organic campaigns to your customers makes for a successful growth story. 

A Martech Stack improves your decision making at every level of business operations. 

Who’s behind the Growth Story?

Nishtha Maheshwari is a marketer who follows a T-SHAPED framework of marketing, that provides vision and knowledge to any organization in understanding a number of different growth channels, to make the right decisions and build a GROWTH STORY

?? Grown client’s recurring customer base by 15%

?? Re-positioned brand helping to win over 25+ Fortune 500 clients across the globe

?? Amassed over 200+ online downloads for my learning material

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